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Best chrome extensions for graphic designers & web developers 2018



Chrome Extensions for Graphic Designers

15+ chrome extensions for graphic designers & developers tools plugin

Google Chrome most used and most popular web browser in the world. Google chrome has pretty advanced developer tools by itself. However, can we improve our designing and developing experience by adding even more exciting features on your google chrome? Here are 15+ best chrome extensions for graphic designers & web developers by 2018

1. Window Resizer

Window Resizer The Window Resizer Chrome Extension re-sizes the browser’s window in order to emulate various resolutions. This Window resizer very useful for web designers and developers by helping them test their layouts on different device resolutions. The Window resizer resolutions list is fully customizable. You can set manually height width. You can also import-export your setting to use on another computer.

2. WhatFont

WhatFont WhatFont Google Chrome Extension help you to identify fonts used on a website. WhatFont Chrome Extension very easy to use – you have to hover over the text to determine what it is.

3. Check My Links

Check My Links Check my links google chrome extension saves your efforts to find broken links. This extension start working on single click. This extension automatically find all links on a given web pages and highlight them.

4. ColorZilla

ColorZilla ColorZilla Chrome extension is one of the most popular extension available on google chrome store. ColorZilla Chrome plugin very easy to use. This plugin same functionality like a WhatFont. WhatFont show font name on text hover & ColorZilla show color code on hover. ColorZilla have a variety of color tools for just about any needs you may have, Including: an Color picker, palette viewer and a gradient generator

5. PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode

PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode PerfectPixel really is the best extension for web designer & developers who are striving to develop sites that are accurate representations of designs.This extension allows you to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of your website and perform a per pixel comparison between them to ensure it is 100% perfect & accurate.

6. Page Ruler

Page Ruler Page Ruler Google Chrome Extension is a great tool for measuring the elements on any web pages. Draw a ruler to get dimensions and position.

7. META SEO inspector

META SEO inspector META SEO inspector is very useful to inspect the meta data found inside we pages, usually not visible while browsing. This extension show XFN tags, various micro-formats the recently introduced canonical attribute the no-follow links. This extension is mainly aimed at web developers that need to verify the HTML of their site to follow the Webmasters’ Google Guidelines,

8. Lorem Ipsum Generator (Default Text)

Lorem Ipsum Generator Lorem Ipsum Generator Chrome extension help you to create dummy text quickly and easily. Lorem Ipsum Generator aims to keep this process simple and fast compared to similar extensions that serve the same purpose.

9. Evernote Web Clipper – research data analysis

Evernote Web Clipper – research data analysis Evernote extension help you to clip the web pages you want to keep and save theme in evernote. Then you can easily access this information on any device. This is best extension for saving web page information, code or images.

10. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Recorder

Awesome Screenshot Screen Recorder Awesome Screenshot chrome extenssion great for capaturing screenshot from any webpage. Awesome Screenshot can easily Grab the full screen or a partial screen & edit them, record the page. You can also add notes, comments and blur personal or sensitive information before sharing.

11. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith Technology Profiler BuiltWith Chrome Extension Help you to check out how a website is built with the single click. BuiltWith Technology Profiles very easy to use. You click the BuiltWith Extension Icon, this extension show all the technologies. You can also visit the BuiltWith website for more information.

12. Open Graph Preview

Open Graph Preview Open Graph Preview extension shows how people will see your website post in the most popular social networks website. This extension is for professional who creates content for sharing a social media website. This extension also shows you how many times your page or post was shared in social networking websites.

13. SEOquake

SEOquake SEOquakes is powerful page seo audit free plugins that provides you with key SEO metrics. SEOquake has other useful tools, including, the SEO Audit tool, the Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis and even social metrics.

14. Web Developer

Web Developer Web Developer Chrome Extension on of the best google chrome extension available on chrome store. This Web Developer Extension developed by Chris Pedrick. This extension have a various web developer tools pertaining to images, form, information and much more.

15. Sonar – Website Speed & Check

Sonar – Website Speed & Check Sonar Chrome Extension give you information about connections to web pages and shows how long they take to load. Along with showing the total load them in ms second, sonar plugin also show you what types of media and files are being loaded, including java scripts, staylesheet and images. Sonar google extension also show DNS response time & content size and more.

16. Clear Cache

Clear Cache Clear Cache Chrome Extension help you to clear cache and browsing data with a single click. You can even customize what and how much of your data you want to clear by specifying your preferences on the options page, including Cookies, All type of cache, downloads files, Form data, history, index database file, plugin data, passwords and much more. You can also delete cookies globally, just for specific domains, or for everything excluding specific domains.

17. CSSViewer

CSSViewer CSSViewer is a simple CSS properties viewer that provides you quick CSS information. The tool provides a floating panel that that reports on the identity of the section that the mouse hovers over, including background, color, font, size, box and more attributes.

18. JSONView

JSONView JSONView Extension show you json code in easy readable aligned format, includes the ability to click on links and even does basic validation. It also provides collapsed or expanded Arrays and objects, just like when you view XML, and it lets you configure parsing methods and will display code even if it contains errors.

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