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Linode Cloud Hosting Features, Pricing and Review



Linode Hosting Review

Best Cloud Hosting by Linode at a Very Low Price

If you are looking for a web hosting plan, you must have come across Linode as well. It can be considered as one of the innovative service providers available for you to consider. But before you obtain a hosting plan offered by Linode, you will need to be aware about the features and pricing. Then only you will be able to make an informed decision.

What is Linode?

Linode can be considered as a reputed cloud hosting service provider. It has now offered services to more than 400,000 satisfied customers across the world. These services are being provided through the 8 data centers, which are located across the Asia Pacific, Europe and America.The best thing about Linode is that it provides an ability for the people to get a cloud server within a couple of seconds. Hence, it can be considered as the best cloud hosting service provider. The hosting services are being offered to you with Intel E5 Processors, 40Gbit Network and SSD storage. Hence, you will never complain anything about the service that you are getting at the end of the day.People who are looking for cheap cloud hosting services will also be able to take a look at Linode. That’s because they offer cheap hosting plans, which are priced at just $5 per month. The amount you spend on the services is totally worth when compared to the impressive cloud hosting services that you will be able to receive.

Linode Features

The Linode Review will not be complete without explaining the impressive features. Linode is a company that provides cloud hosting services based on three fundamental aspects. They include reliability, power and simplicity. This can be considered as a unique recipe, which Linode uses in order to end up with successful results. In fact, this recipe has helped Linode to gain trust and satisfaction from businesses and individual customers who live in all parts of the world.

Below mentioned are some of the most prominent features that you can get with Linode.

  • High uptime level – When compared to other cheap cloud hosting service providers, Linode will provide you with a high uptime. You know how important the uptime is. Linode has been able to maintain a surprising uptime of 99.9%. This will provide you with the opportunity to keep peace of mind while you are enjoying the offered services.
  • Linode is powerful – All people who are looking for powerful cloud hosting solutions will be able to take a look at Linode without keeping any doubts in mind. As mentioned earlier, the servers are powered up with Intel E5 surprises. Hence, these servers will never let you down when you are trying to get work done in day to day life.
  • Simple and easy to use – The control panel provided to you by Linode is extremely simple and easy to use. In fact, it has a well-designed layout. Therefore, you will find it as an easy task to navigate through the content. This layout will also provide you with the opportunity to modify the things that you can see, according to your specific requirements. Hence, you will love to spend your time along with Linode because it can cater all your needs.
  • Linode is super-fast – When you activate the account, it will only take a couple of seconds for you to launch a service. This can be considered as another great feature that is being provided by Linode. With this, the businesses will be provided with more time to focus on their day to day operations and other important work.
  • Linode is easy to manage – You don’t need to put a lot of effort in order to manage Linode. It is extremely easy to manage and you will absolutely love the overall functionality that is being delivered to you by the end of the day. Availability of services, such as DNS Management and scaling facilities have provided a tremendous assistance to you with managing Linode.
  • Linode provides an android and ios app – One of the most exciting features about Linode is that it provides a downloadable app to you. This app helps you to track the existing Linodes, create new Linodes and even manage your payments in a timely manner. You will get the chance to make your life much simpler with the help of this mobile app.

Linode Pricing

Now, coming to the most important section of the Linode Review, which is on pricing. The hosting plans of Linode come to you along with SSH and root access. There are 9 standard plans available for you to consider. The basic plan contains 1GB RAM, 24GB SSD storage, 1 core CPU and 2TB transfer. You will be able to get your hands on this plan at an affordable price tag of $5 per month. But if you want more sophisticated specs, you are provided with the ability to go for enterprise level plans, which contain 96GB RAM.You are encouraged to go through the official website of Linode, so that you can understand all available plans and make an informed decision on what option to proceed with.

Final Verdict

As you can see, any person who is looking for the best cloud hosting services will be able to take a look at Linode. You will never regret about the decision that you take in order to go ahead with the services offered by Linode as well. That’s because it delivers a high level of support to you, along with a large number of impressive features. A large number of helpful guides are also available for you to follow. Therefore, even a person who doesn’t have a clear understanding on cloud hosting will be able to go ahead and use Linode. With all the hosting plans of Linode, you will be able to receive a 7-days money back guarantee as well. You will never be tied to a contract and you will love to enjoy the freedom that comes along with it.

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