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SEO Guide & SEO Checklist for New Websites 2018



On Page SEO Checklist Startup

SEO Guide & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips for new website or startups. Here’s some SEO Checklist to help to improve your website visibility on search engine. We have collected most important factors that help you to rank on google.

Check Out Following SEO Checklist

Domain & Hosting

Domain and Hosting

Domain Name : Your domain name is your identity on the internet. Choose an easy and short domain name. Try to get your domain name with a keyword, it will help for ranking.

Hosting : Are you getting to launch your website or want to move on another website? There is so many web hosting company offering cheap hosting. before buying any hosting, check company’s customer service, features and security.

Basic SEO Checklist for Server

Before launching your website & blog. You will need to check your website server to confirm don’t have any server issue. Here is some checklist for the server.

Server Side SEO

Uptime : Monitor your website downtime, You should maintain your server uptime upto 99.99% percent. If your website uptime less than 99.3% percent. Then you will lose your website traffic. Use Pingdom free uptime monitoring tool for monitor your website uptime.

Secure URL : SSL Security (HTTPS) help you to boost Search Engine Ranking and it has a serious impact on your visitor privacy.

Dedicated IP : If you are using shared server hosting. Then you need Dedicated IP address, because if any user on that server spamming and get blacklisted by user, automatically your site also include in the blacklist. If you send mail from your domain server to other user mail server, this means the blacklisting mail server will block all incoming mail from your domain server.

DNS Problem : Check regularly your website DNS Health. If you found any DNS issues that might cause some problems. For fixing this issue contact your hosting provider. You can check your website DNS health using Pingdom tool.


Make unique and high-quality content and check each of these points on your website before you launch. It will increase your website ranking on search engine.

Content Marketing

Title : Write Smart and Brief Title with Keyword

Meta Tags : Meta tags help you to improve Click Through Rates (CTR), If your meta tags are written well then you will bring lots of traffic from search engine.

Meta Title : Make your meta title less than 58 characters. Don does not repeat the keyword in meta titles. Do not use all capital letter in meta title. Write brief informative meta title for attract visitor.

Meta Description : Meta description help visitor and Search Engine to identify content on a page. Recently google update meta description length for the search result. Now you can write your meta description upto 155 words.

Header Tags : Ensure that all your pages and post use a H1 tag. Use only one Header H1 tag on each page or post. Secondly, you can use Primary Sub-Heading H2 tag for the subheading. Primary subheadings should always be H2.

Alt Text : Alt text help search engine to identify images. The Alt text only use for images that serve a use as content.

Keywords : If you are just launched your website or low domain authority & citation. Then you have to choose low competitive and long tails keywords for better ranking.

Website Design & Architecture

Google always reward best architecture website. So make sure your website is google and user friendly architecture. Check out these important google friendly checklist.

Website Design and Architecture

Logo : Make sure your logo links back to your website homepage. It will ease your visitor experience to navigate your website.

Navigation Menu : Write short length menu with short length anchor text.

Clean URL : Keep your website URL short. You can also remove stop words from your website URL.

External Links : Don’t link spam and low quality website with your website. It will harm your website ranking.

Internal & Contextual Linking : Your website’s internal links will pass value, if you include contextual links (Described link) on your post, page or content.

Responsive Design : Nowdays Responsive design is most important part of Website, because mostly people are using smartphone & tablets.

Mobile Friendly : It’s time to make your site mobile-friendly. Google ranks your site based on the content on your mobile experience.

Crawl Error : Check out Google Search Console for any crawl error. Google Search Console help you to find any broken link, any crawl error.


Follow this steps for quick visibility on search engine. This helps you to index your website quickly on the search engine.

Search Engine Visibility

Sitemap : Submit your website XML sitemap to google webmaster tools or bing for quick index. Check your XML sitemap is located at

Social Media : Posting and sharing your content and posts on social media leads to exposure. Its also helps with ensuring your website content and posts to get indexed in the search results.

Rich Snippets & Microdata : Rich Snippets & microdata help search engine to understand your website’s structure. Use social media card on your website.

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