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WordPress vs Blogger Detailed Comparison 2018 – (Pros and Cons)



WordPress vs blogger detailed comparison

WordPress vs Blogger Pros and Cons

This WordPress vs Blogger comparison help you to decide which one is better for your needs. We will cover all Blogger or WordPress pros and cons, so you can easily make the best decision.Here are some pros and cons of the blogger. Blogger easy to start and manage, blogger hosted by Google so you don’t need to manage any files, software updates.What I don’t like about the blogger? Google can suspend your blog at any time if you violet his any terms and condition.Blogspot or Blogger Brief IntroductionBlogger was launched 23 August 1999 by Pyra Labs, which was acquired by Google in 2003. Google releases the beta version in 2006 with major changes In this version, Google will change all blog on Google servers and redesign blogger and add more functions like drag-drop template editing interface, label, multi-language After that blogger claims his service is now more reliable.Self-Hosted WordPress¬†Brief IntroductionThe WordPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little WordPress founders release free and open-source CMS by 27 May 2003. Self-Hosted WordPress most trusted open source software using more than 31% of websites. WordPress is a very powerful software that gives you the freedom to build anything you want.

WordPress vs Blogger Live Popularity Graph

Hosting & Ownership

If you want to start your blog with WordPress you need a web hosting to host your blog or website. On web hosting, you are free to decide how long you want to run your website, but you have to pay hosting charges according to your requirement. You have full control of your website or data.Here is some reliable and low-cost hosting provider.BluehostDreamHost – Digital Ocean (Currently Using: Cheap & Best Hosting Provider) Get 2 month free trialSiteGround – HostgatorWith Blogger, You don’t need hosting and pay charges, because of the blogger hosted by the tech giant Google. It is totally free, reliable and good enough to run your blog. But there is some problem with blogger, Google can suspend your blog at any time, or even cancel your blogger service.

Control & Customization

WordPress is an open source platform, so you can easily customize and add new features. There are thousands of free WordPress plugins that’s allow you to customize your website or blog. WordPress has a very Big community to solve any issue or bug.Blogger is very easy to setup, it is good for a beginner. But blogger has a very limited feature and tools. There are limited things that you can do on Blogspot, and there is no way to extend them at this time.

Looks & Appearance

If you choose WordPress, then you have a very large variety of free and premium WordPress themes option. You can easily modify or customize these themes. Which allow you to create high quality and professional looking websites or blog that fulfill your requirement according to your need.There is some high-quality SEO optimized theme available for WordPress. – StudioPress – Thrive Theme – Elegant Themes – ThemeforestBlogger has limited layout or color customization option available compared to the self-hosted WordPress. There is some free and premium blogger theme available, but these themes are non-official or low quality.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress gives you complete freedom to customize your SEO according to requirement. There are many free and paid WordPress SEO plugins (Yoast, All in One SEO) available, that help you to improve your blog or website SEO.Blogger is a good SEO friendly platform for a beginner. Google gives you limited control over the SEO, there is no Addon or plugins available to customize SEO.What did Matt Cutts say about WordPress vs blogger’s SEO?

Security & Maintenance

In WordPress, you have to maintain security and backup on self-hosted WordPress. WordPress security more customizable than blogger security, Which means you have to take all security-related decisions by self.Here is some WordPress security pluginsSucuriJetpackWordfence SecurityVaultPressAll In One WP Security & FirewallBlogger owned and maintained by Google, Its a very secure blogging platform. So, Google handles all Blogspot backups and security, so you don’t have to think about backup or security.

Final Verdict on WordPress vs Blogger

Now you know about the differences between Self Hosted WordPress and Blogger.I think Self-hosted WordPress platform is great, when you are choosing this platform for the business website, business blog, professional blogging or planning to make money from your blog.Because it gives you full control over your content or files, huge collection of free plugins, very vast community, fully customizable and much more.The Blogger or Blogspot platform is good when you are a beginner or looking for a simple blog.According to me, there is both platforms have pros and cons, but at the end of the conclusion, WordPress seems superior to the blogger.Do let me know which blogging platform do you prefer and why?

Jitender Kamat is the found and editor of Wishut. I write article about Blogging, Social Media, Online Marketing, SEO, and Earn Money Online.

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